Www.sourceoftrade.com IS A SCAM DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Troy, Michigan 1 comment
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So here is this websites play, they offer work out dvds like insanity, Electronics ect basically your typical chines website..nopw i have order from other sites and they deliver but the quality is very bad and in the end you get what you pay for, but these *** holes just take your money they dont ship anything out they will send you pictures telling you this is your package and they write your name on but they are lies evil *** liars *** chinks they made me lose $500+ So save your time and money dont even log on that website its www.sourceoftrade.com the name they picked is very good because if you google them you get a million results about the real source of trade so they are blended in, so choppily this will help someone save some money and time, its too late for me...good bye cruel world...

Review about: Shipping.



*** thoes chinks they did the same to me and he said customs took it and to give hime half the money and he will send me another package tell him to eat a ***

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